3 important things to consider before buying Solar Panels

According to local home improvement surveys investing in solar panels and producing solar energy is one of the best eco-friendly decisions a Floridian can make. Solar customers are not only producing clean energy from the sun by helping the environment, but you count on Solar systems installed by Solar Tech Elec to save on energy bills that you will reap the benefits for years to come. But before committing with a solar energy company who say they provide solar panels in Florida; we recommend taking note and consider these three valuable points that will help homeowners and businesses alike get the most suited solar pv system for your needs.

Your Electricity Usage

When buying a solar panel system, the first thing that probably comes to mind is, can I produce enough solar to power my entire property. If your household is using anything between 850 – 1100 kilowatt hours per month, then this is typically a useful metric to let the solar company know what your energy consumption is before they can work out a proposal with enough solar panels to be included in your system.

Purchasing Solar panels is not about the more panels the better, or the expensive product brand name, but more to do with the voltage used, energy efficiency and the suitability of the module that works better with the inverter to power your property.

Most commonly on the US market there are two types of solar panels Monocrystalline and Polycrystalline. To briefly differentiate the two types. Monocrystalline panel cells consist of single-crystalline silicon. The mono cell is graded as a much better-quality product versus the Polycrystalline kind which consists of raw silicon melted into a multi-crystalline mold, manufactured per cell in each panel. It is known polycrystalline solar panels are manufactured with lower wattage, and system designs and installation tend to need more panels to produce the required amount of energy versus a Monocrystalline solar array.

Product Quality

Consumers like anything expect the highest quality and best performance from their Solar system installation. Here at Solar Tech Elec, we can’t stress enough the importance to choose the right installer who delivers as promised. Research trusted solar companies who deliver on-time within budget and consistently to the highest level of service. Look at their reviews online to see what their customers say about their products and service delivery that you are looking to hire for yourself.

Hybrid functionality / Upgrade capacity.

It’s always worthwhile to consider the investment you make in your solar panels at the beginning for potentially the upsizing of the property. Especially as your home grows maybe in family size or if you decide to buy electrical items that consume more power. Maybe an additional AC Unit or swimming pool motor and heater which undoubtedly uses more power over the course of the year. A good example to consider before you make your purchase. Is the solar battery storage solution. Solar batteries are a smart choice for homes who wish to store unused kilowatts of solar power to use in the evening therefore not relying on the grid to power their needs when the sun Is down. Alternatively upgrade capacity where you can potentially add more panels to your system in the future if need be.

Buying a solar panel system is without doubt one of the biggest decisions one can make. Talk to Solar Tech Elec today, we’re on hand to share trusted solar energy advice and offer you the best products for your home or business.

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