South Carolina Solar Panels

Solar panels are arguably the best way to go green in South Carolina. Although, South Carolina lawmakers have in the past not really supported the idea of transitioning to green energy, and how the slow adoption of solar power has an impact on the United States overall target for lowering green house gas emissions for sustainable living and improving the trend for future generations. 

The sunny climate of the Palmetto State makes it an ideal place to harness solar energy. Here at Solar Tech Elec we are ready to help South Carolina residents join the renewable movement to gain energy independence for a cleaner and brighter future. 

More South Carolinians are understanding the advantages of solar power for their homes. An expertly installed solar panel system means you don’t have any more worries about being overcharged due to higher rates or service outages! Now with new laws protecting net metering and strong incentives from federal tax credits all throughout America Southeast region this is an attraction that can help save homeowners money every month so they’ll no longer rely on powering their homes and businesses with dirty non-renewable electricity from the power companies.

Why choose South Carolina Solar power?

Cutting energy costs

Investing in solar power now can literally save you thousands of dollars a year on your monthly utility bills. Not only will your consumption be carbon free. The unused kilowatts of solar electricity is in demand by the grid through the process called Net metering! Customers can save money by allowing for the selling of unused solar power. It also helps make up some of your home investment in your South Carolina solar panels, too!

Solar power history in South Carolina

South Carolinians may have been late to the solar power game, but we’re seeing more residents are finding the renewable living spirit that makes them form part of a revolution as a national leader. Together, we can lead the charge for a carbon zero future. The state implemented its first policy in 2006 and by 2016 saw just over 3% of all energy coming from this clean source. However it wasn’t until 2021 that South Carolina really began seeing an increase—and now the state ranks 12th for installed capacity nationwide!

Solar incentives and rebates in South Carolina

With a 5kW solar system, homeowners can save on average $83 per month. In some cases solar panel systems eliminate electric bills altogether. Savings of $28,900 during the performance and installation warranties against the Utilities provider non-renewable source with the unpredictable costs that seem to keep on rising. Those significant savings are good enough to go on a long awaited holiday with the family and still have stacks of cash leftover. Or the money could go towards the next new car you’ve had your eye on. Whatever you choose to do after going green with your home solar panels, all that money could be put towards anything to improve your lifestyle!

If  you’re researching solar roof contractors in South Carolina. Look no further. We ensure system designs are sized perfectly for your home energy usage. Beautiful installations with zero down plans available making more South Carolina homes energy independent.

• South Carolina has a great statewide solar tax credit that is equal to 25% of the cost of a system

• Solar Tech Elec offers affordable finance plans with low interest rates less than your current electricity spend with the power company.

Savings with Solar Panels

For example imagine if your same power bills were 50% lower thanks to a set of solar panels installed on the roof by Solar Tech Elec. Instead of spending your hard-earned money on the expensive electricity bills – you could save yourself a decent amount and put that extra cash into savings account for future home improvements or to use the money during retirement. Over 25 years instead of paying out 60k plus in electricity costs with power company, you’ll be better off knowing your solar panel system is a green smart investment for your future.

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