Benefits of solar energy for business in Florida

While you don’t have control over the increasing electricity rates, it is important that your company’s overhead costs are taking these increases into account. Some of the biggest outgoings for many businesses include utility bills like those from the power companies.

The reality is the cost of utilities isn’t something a consumer can do much about with businesses struggle to make profits and some facing difficulties to make ends meet with rising costs every year. Regardless if you’re running an office or manufacturing plant, cutting back on expenses will be key to stay competitive as prices rise across the country in various industries. Transitioning to renewable energy and producing solar electricity has never been more important for cleaner, sustainable living in Florida.

Evaluating energy costs

As a business owner, you should know that utility companies charge commercial customers based on the most amount of power they use in a short interval during any given month. This can be as much as 30-40% of your bill and is done to properly assess if more energy needs are needed for these high demand periods or not.

Commercial businesses need to understand how their peak usage charges work when it comes to electricity costs because this could make up between 20%-50% of what they pay each year depending on the company’s plan with them

Paying for power with the electric company, you are subject to their fluctuating and expensive rates per kWh (kilowatt-hour). With solar, your cost per kWh decreases drastically and the solar system is guaranteed for a minimum of 25 years against manufacturers performance. More like minded business owners are investing in their business and employees rather than throwing money out the window on energy costs.

Sustainability of renewable energy

With fluctuating prices of electricity, the future costs can be all over the place and budgeting becomes more difficult. The rising cost of fuel has been passed down to consumers in a number of ways including higher electric bills. Solar power is one of the most viable solutions for businesses looking to reduce their energy costs in the future. Low overhead and easy-to-use technology make solar a smart investment with yearlong savings!

Energy Independence 

Solar power has been an excellent choice for Floridians. With solar, they are independent from energy suppliers and can rely on their own electricity supply no matter what the weather brings them. In addition to this reliability during storms, Enphase Battery Storage Systems also provide backup when outages happen so that you never have to worry about being left without the lights on!


In addition to the savings on your electric bill, you could also qualify for federal incentives of up to 26% as well as state-sponsored rebates. This means that not only is going solar a smart financial decision, it’s environmentally responsible too!

For more information about the benefits of solar energy or solar installation for your business, reach out to Solar Tech Elec today. Our team can walk you through the entire process, including costs, timelines, and more. Contact us today.