This article explains can the value of my home increase with the installation of solar panels? The extent of the impact will depend on several factors. 

If you install high-quality solar panels for your home, it can boost your property’s value significantly. When you plan to sell your home after a few years, you may notice an increase in its value. However, the extent of the increase depends on several factors.

Research has shown that houses that are equipped with solar panels and solar power systems usually sell for approximately 4% more than homes that don’t have them. The idea of purchasing a residence with solar panels system is attractive to many people as it implies that they don’t have to make the primary outlay. Generally, possessing a property that has solar installations is regarded as a beneficial investment.

What are the factors that affect the value of a home with solar panels installed?


It’s important to understand that the value added to your home by solar panels varies depending on several factors. These factors include your current electricity costs, location, and the age of the system. Every home is unique, so it’s difficult to determine the exact worth of your solar panel system to a potential buyer. However, some key factors to consider when assessing the impact of solar panels on the value of your home include these:

1. Your Location

Some areas are better suited for solar panels than others. Communities with high levels of direct sunlight can benefit more from investing in solar energy. These areas allow homes to generate more energy or meet all their energy needs using solar power, resulting in significant cost reductions. 

The Solar Energy Industries Association has identified 10 states where homes are expected to see the greatest increase in value when equipped with solar panels. In these regions, the impact on home value is likely to be more significant than in other areas.

  • California
  • Texas
  • Florida
  • North Carolina
  • Arizona
  • Nevada
  • Georgia
  • New Jersey
  • Virginia
  • New York

Living in a different state does not necessarily mean that solar energy is not a good fit for your home or business. It is definitely an option worth considering. To determine the value that solar panels can add to your home, you should gather information about the local real estate market and the number of homeowners who have sold their properties close to your area with solar panel systems installed.

2. How much are you currently paying for electricity?

The cost of electricity in your area affects the value of solar panels – they are more valuable in areas where electricity is expensive. Solar panels have the advantage of reducing or eliminating your reliance on the grid. They can also store power in a battery system, so your home can be powered at night without drawing from the grid.

 If you live in a region where electricity costs are high, having this feature in your home can be attractive to potential buyers. This includes states such as California, Texas, and Florida.

It is recommended that you compare your electricity costs with those in another state and other counties to understand the impact it could have on your purchase.

3. How old is the Solar System

Solar systems today are built to be long-lasting, with some being able to function for up to 40 years. As a system ages, its remaining lifespan decreases. If you’re looking to buy a home, getting one with a solar system that’s less than 5 or 10 years old means it still has most of its lifespan left. Generally, a solar system that is more than 25 years old will not raise the value of a home as much as a more recent system would.

4. Solar Panel Ownership

To determine the impact of solar panels on home value, it is important to consider their ownership. If you own the solar panels outright, it can increase your home’s sale value. However, if you have a leased solar panel system, it may decrease the value of your home. While it is possible to transfer the lease to a new buyer, it may not be as appealing to them.

5. What is the impact of solar panels on property taxes?

It’s worth noting that having solar panels installed on your home may increase its value and thus increase property taxes. However, some states have recently passed laws that prevent this from happening. To determine the policy in your area, reach out to your local taxing authority for more information.

6. Do buyers prefer homes that have solar panels?

The popularity of solar panels as a deciding factor for buying a home varies by location. While some potential buyers may require a home to have solar panels, most buyers do not purchase a home solely for this reason. Solar panels are seen as a desirable feature in some regions.

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