Commercial Solar Installation

Smart businesses are always on the lookout for opportunities to reduce overhead and increase profit. If you are one, we have good news for you.

One of the easiest ways to cut expenses is by reducing or even eliminating electric bill payment. With Florida’s most reliable solar energy company in Solar Tech Elec, you can finally reap immense financial benefits. No, solar energy isn’t only for fortune 500 companies. Medium and small-sized businesses are also leveraging the financial liberation green energy offers.

Solar Solutions for all Industries

Solar Tech Elec commercial solar contractor Florida are designed to help companies achieve their goals. Our systems are tailored to your industry, from government establishment to healthcare facilities. Also, we adopt a step-by-step approach, from site analysis to installation and monitoring, to identify the best fit for your business.

Industries we serve:

  • Large Commercial
  • Medium and Small-sized Business
  • Institutional
  • Government
  • Agriculture
  • Manufacturing
  • Religious/Not-for-profit
  • Healthcare
  • Homebuilders

Why Commercial Solar Installation Makes So Much Sense

You might wonder if commercial solar installation is beneficial to your business. Without a doubt, it is. Aside from the clean energy installing a solar system to power your company’s energy needs offers, it’s a financial investment worth the decision. When it comes to commercial solar, there are no risks, which is why many businesses in Sunshine city are going solar.

Going solar can cut energy cost by up to 70% and help your business:

  • Attract customers who transact with environmentally conscious companies only
  • Unburdened by unexpected future hikes in energy costs
  • Qualify for government’s tax incentives
  • Reduce carbon footprint and improve your company’s image
  • Make our world safer and better

Commercial Solar Financing Options

Including a tax credit offered by the federal government, various incentives exist that makes installation affordable and attractive. Moreover, with solar installation paying for itself in just a few years, you can’t make a better financial decision.

“We are simplifying the process for businesses to go green with Solar Tech Elec, encouraging a shift towards a more environmentally-friendly, brighter, and sustainable energy future.”
Ross Dyson – Solar Tech Elec CEO


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