Solar Tech Elec has taken a number of precautionary measures to minimize the risk to the health and safety of our customers, suppliers, and co-workers. We want to tell you of a few ways we are here to serve you, our customers and partners, during these Covid-19 strange times:

We are monitoring the situation on a day to day basis from the federal, state and local health authorities to help ensure the actions we are taking are in line with the latest guidance. We are communicating regularly with our employees most of them who are working remotely in self isolation to keep them informed to ensure their safety is paramount.

We are practicing social distancing in sales consulting remotely via Video conference calls and other digital communication resources.

Solar Tech Elec is fully operational during Covid-19. We are still taking and processing free solar quotes. Our phone lines are open, and our team are on hand to assist with your enquiries and urgent needs.

If you are a customer of Solar Tech Elec and have had an electric solar system installed or have visited us, you will know our practices of cleanliness have been up to date with the recommended guidelines and we will continue to adhere to the highest levels of safety during these difficult times.

Stay Safe Florida

Ross and the Team