Reasoning Behind Tilted Solar Panels

In order to achieve the best performance, it is important to ensure that solar panels are positioned to receive maximum sunlight exposure. This will increase the production of electricity. It is recommended to accurately position the solar panel so that it faces the sun, thus helping you generate maximum solar electricity for your home or business needs.

To make the most of your solar panels, it’s important to install them at the right angle. Installing them in a way that ensures they receive the maximum amount of sunlight throughout the day can lead to increased electricity production and even more savings. Keep in mind that although they may not receive as much sun in the morning, evening, or winter months, they will be positioned directly towards the sun when it’s directly overhead during the summer.

We look at 3 factors that determine the best angle for maximum output.

The optimal angle for your rooftop solar panels is affected by your location, roof angle, and local weather seasons.

1. Your Location

The most crucial factor in determining the optimal angle for your solar panels is your latitude and longitude. Since the sun is almost directly above the equator for most of the year, your aim should be to position your panels in that direction.

  • Locations closer to the Equator can use a lower angle when positioning their solar panels to generate electricity efficiently.
  • The number of peak sun hours your home receives is affected by your location. Peak sun hours refer to the duration of the day when the sun shines the brightest, and it’s not the same as the hours between sunrise and sunset.

2. Roof angle

If you want to generate maximum energy from solar panels, you need to ensure your roof meets certain requirements. A professional solar power company can examine your roof and determine if any of the three factors may affect the ideal angle for the solar panels.

The Angle of Your Roof

The angle of your roof matters when it comes to installing solar panels. Whether your roof is steep or flat, your solar installer may need to add extra supports to adjust the angle of the panels. The calculations get more complicated if your roof has different angles, corners, or shapes. Just remember that every roof is different and requires unique considerations for solar panel installation.

Your Roofs Shape

To determine the best placement and angle for solar panels, the shape of your roof is crucial. Generally, gable, hip, and flat roofs are favourable because they offer optimal sunlight exposure. However, if your roof has more architectural features, it can be challenging to decide on the appropriate location and angle for the panels. It is recommended that you seek the assistance of experienced solar professionals to carry out this task.

Shading on Your Roof

To get the most electricity from solar panels, it’s crucial to avoid shading them with objects blocking sunlight. Even a small amount of shade can hurt their output. To prevent shading, think about where shadows fall all throughout the day and in every season. This way, you can make sure that nothing blocks the sunlight on your solar panels as the sun moves from day to night.

3. Local Weather Seasons

One important thing to keep in mind is that the perfect angle for solar panels varies between winter and summer. Therefore, solar panels are usually set up at an angle that accommodates both seasons.

Data reference. Tampa, Florida is located at a latitude of 27.99°. Here is the most efficient tilt for photovoltaic panels in Tampa:


Your photovoltaic panels need to be angled facing south.

Most rooftop solar panel systems use fixed tilt.

When installing solar panels in a fixed position, like on a roof, the best angle for maximum efficiency is 24.4°. However, if you have a ground mount solar system and can adjust your panel’s angle twice a year, then the best angle for summer months is 5° and for winter months it is 43.7°.

Solar Tech Elec, company, can install your solar array at the optimal angle to ensure maximum efficiency no matter where you are and what your situation may be.

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