Florida Solar Panels

The perfect place to shop for solar and gain energy independence. Despite being ranked 4th in the country, there’s still plenty of untapped potential here! The Sunshine State has an Incentive Solar Tax Credit for qualified property owners to claim 26% of their solar system cost; Residential customers who want to add Florida solar panels can find some great deals today thanks largely due its popularity and hiring Top-rated licensed Solar installers who offer excellent finance plans. Solar Tech Elec assures all customers our monthly solar plans will be much less cost versus your current electricity bills. Furthermore these programs are available to promote renewable energy sources, helping local residents towards a zero carbon future and saving them thousands of dollars each year on Utilities spend.

Solar panels cost in Florida

The old story of Florida solar panels being too expensive is out of date news. Today native solar panels are now more accessible, with prices for them coming down and interest from local manufacturers growing. With advances in technology improving performance by leaps and bounds each year it’s no wonder they have so much appeal! At about $3-$5 per watt on average residential properties can expect around 15 – 25K worth but many people see savings afterward when compared to typical electricity bills.

The cost to have a professional Solar company install your home system is more affordable, most of our customers pay their finance plans between 5-8 years with the fixed term interest rate lower than their previous power bill (but many homeowners can reduce or even eliminate their monthly electric bills). Further to this the long term benefits are great: The North American made panels we supply last 25 years minimum ensuring our clients are safe in the knowledge with decades worth of free power. Only using trusted and premium sourced quality products.

Why choose Florida solar power

One of the most practical reasons to opt into Florida solar power is that, over time and with regular use your electricity bill will be much lower and in many cases for our happy customers, zero power bills altogether. With a New Solar Tech Elec system installed at home you can almost have free electric after just one month! Immediate savings made and clean energy for a brighter and sustainable future.

When a power outage leaves you without electricity during the Florida Hurricane season, it’s definitely worth considering storing unused electricity through battery back-up. More Floridians are choosing solar panels with battery back-up systems and are able reduce their reliance on the grid and keep the power on even when there is a blackout. No issue with power supply impacting your home meaning solar battery customers ultimately have peace of mind.

Florida solar panels have been the prime way to cut carbon footprint domestically for years, and they don’t show any sign of slowing down. Solar power doesn’t emit carbon dioxide into our atmosphere which helps in keeping earth’s climate healthy while saving money on energy bills! You can help save the environment with these clean green technologies installed at home or work today check out what our customers are saying when they made the switch with us to generate electricity from nothing but sunlight.

Solar incentives and rebates in Florida

Solar panel systems installed today are more attractive with 26% offset by tax credits, which give qualified customers receive the rebate as a pay check once the system is up and running. It’s really no wonder why record number of Floridians are taking advantage of the solar incentives at play!

The US federal government has extended a major 26% tax credit until 2023 for those installing solar panels in Florida. This could make it more affordable to go green with your home energy needs, and help you conserve on high utility bills all year round!

Important solar installation factors to consider

You may not be able to take advantage of Florida’s sunny weather and produce clean energy for your home, but it is still possible for solar panels to generate electricity on rainy days and cloudy skies. The output from these installations will only produce lower amounts than what you would get in more ideal conditions so make sure your home receives enough sun if that affects the effectiveness or lengthiness of payback period before investing in such an installation.

It’s important to know compatibility of solar panels for your property, as well as your build condition, roof angle and if there are any other factors like over hanging trees nearby to your home. These can all have an impact on how efficient solar panels perform. To find out if they’re a good fit for you in Florida contact us, for your free-onsite evaluation!

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