Guide To Home Solar Power

We know that the decision to go solar is as simple and straightforward, so once you’ve made up your mind just let us take care of everything from installation all the way through to meters being swapped. For home solar power, we’ve got you covered and our professional team at Solar Tech Elec are by your side every step of the way to deliver your home solar power station!

We’ll show you how home solar power can benefit your home or business. We want the process to be simple for everyone! From permitting all of those beautiful panels on top-of -the line rooftops down into installation work right up until turning over that final switch after installing meters in order make sure everything works exactly how it should.

How Does Home Solar Power Work?

1. The cells of a solar panel are called photovoltaic, PV cells on the Solar panels turn this DC energy into AC electricity that can be used in your home through a meter and consumer unit.

2. The inverter is like the brains of the system and converts the power from Solar energy into regular electricity. It’s typically installed on your exterior wall or in the garage stored away safely for ease of access.

3. Solar Tech Elec tracking is an innovative device that can help you save money on your electricity bills. The device displays the production of energy in real time, 24/7; this technology sends push notifications with regular updates to sustain optimized performance.

4. The electric service panel is where solar electricity from your inverter flows into the house. It powers all of its lights and appliances, or if you generate more than what’s used then it goes into a utility grid while still receiving credits for this production!

5. The net meter will measure how much energy comes from the solar panel system, calculates usage from the national grid. Any excess electricity your panels produce and your home doesn’t use is sent back to the grid whereby the Utilities provider issues the bill payer credits. This process is known as Net Metering. Such a cool innovative way to save on energy bills.

So, now that you’re better in the know of home solar power!  Why not Join our Solar Tech Elec family and start producing clean energy for your home or business? Your neighbors are already making significant savings on electricity bills. Surely, it’s time for you?

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