The Lifespan Of Your Home Solar Panels

When you’re looking into solar panels, there are a lot of factors that need consideration. One important thing to think about is how long your panels will produce energy for and what their lifespan could potentially be like before investing in the size product suitable for your home or business.

You can expect solar panels to power your home for an average of 25-30 years. The detailed answer is a bit more complex, as the lifespan depends on factors such as the exact location of the array, the local weather and how well you service your system.

Solar panels are a great way to reduce your electricity bill, but the life expectancy of solar panels we install at Solar Tech Elec appears to be one of the most popular questions among our customers.  This article offers guidance and best practices we’ve learned along our journey in helping solar customers save money with the best solar technology on the market!

How Do We Estimate Solar Panel Lifespan?

In order to understand the life expectancy of your solar panels, it is important that you know how they are functioning. If we can predict their lifetime accurately in advance then over time and with proper care this will allow sound long-term value estimates for solar customers!

The decline in solar panel lifespan is a common misconception. Instead, they tend to produce less power over time as the years go by- this can lead homeowners to believe their system has stopped working to its fullest potential when really maintenance checks were not recorded and potential fixes can reinstate optimized levels.

Product Warranty And Performance Warranty

A solar panel’s expected lifespan aligns with the typical warranty terms that many manufacturers offer. There are two types of warranties, and each can give you information about your particular device’s life expectancy.

One type is a limited product warranty, which warrants to the Owner that the Product shows no signs of defects in materials and workmanship under general installation completed by a licensed solar contractor. The panels should not fail within 10-12 years. Customers who choose Solar Tech Elec to install their solar panels qualify for an extended period warranty the solar panel system would be registered and qualified with the manufacturer, such warranty period shall be extended to 25 years from the Warranty

The second type of warranty is a performance output warranty, which ensures that your panels will produce at least 80% or more over their maximum capacity for 10 years. Then they must keep up an average level until 15+years until the warranty period expires at 25-30 years.

What Determines Solar Panel Lifespan

Your solar panel lifespan is largely determined by the equipment you choose, the location installation (and how well they’re maintained), any maintenance that gets performed on them throughout their lifetime as well as other factors.

1. Solar Panel Age

Solar panels are a great investment for your home. But what if you want them to last longer? We recommend to get the most out of your investment, start with 25 years and base our calculations around it as well!

It’s important to reference maintenance guidelines as provided by your solar contractor you choose to hire for your system installation.

Premium grade solar panels we install are all made in North America and carry extended lifespans for residential and commercial purposes. One big advantage of investing in higher-quality solar panels for your home or business is that you can expect them to provide consistent generation over time and larger amounts overall for your electricity needs.

2. Weather Conditions

The effects of different weather conditions on solar panels include;

  • Wind The solar panels will likely start vibrating because of high wind speeds. If shaking continues for an extended period or with any frequency, the components holding them in place could loosen and cause other types damage over time. Rest assured Roof mount systems by Solar Tech Elec. We offer lifetime warranties and support for all rooftop solar panel installations.
  • Rain – In many cases rain showers can help panels clear of debris and keep them cleaner. However, where panels are installed without a higher pitch angle. Heavy rain accumulated on solar panels may cause signs of wear and tear and in some cases corrosion. 
  • Heat – Solar panels are designed to withstand high temperatures found in the summer months and longer  sunlight days of the year. During these high temperatures, the protective elements like the seals in solar panels can become brittle, and may loosen or discolor, this generally is an appearance degradation as opposed to any cause for concern on the solar panel performance.

3. Maintenance And Service History

A regular maintenance and repair service for your solar power system is essential to extend the expected lifetime. Maintaining a history of checking can help catch any issues early, which means you maybe able to save money in costs from repairs further down the road.

If you have a system you bought from somewhere else and feel concerned about the performance, it maybe time for you to consider solar panel maintenance. A professional service from Solar Tech Elec can extend the life expectancy of your system and we’ll offer you the best advice for possible ways to improve the overall performance.

Lastly, Solar Tech Elec spends time with you and your equipment to make sure it’s running smoothly. We are the solar power experts who know how best to service all of the different types of systems in order for them be at their highest possible efficiency so that any problems can easily get fixed before they become major issues affecting performance or lifespan!

What Is Solar Panel Degradation Rate?

When you’re looking at how long do solar panels last on average, it’s important to consider the degradation rate.

The solar panel degradation rate is a measure of how slowly and continuously your panels will experience performance loss during their lifespan, due to factors like general wear and tear and the age of your system.

Even the most pristine solar panels will eventually degrade. As they age, your system produces less electricity from a given amount of sunlight because natural chemical potency decreases over time – there’s no way to prevent this! But don’t worry; with some careful planning and monitoring you can make sure that any degradation doesn’t affect performance or availability for years down the line (or decades!).

For estimates on degradation of solar panels make sure to refer to the manufacturers product guide or request a data sheet from solar panel companies in Florida.

To be clear, most estimates are an approximation as the exact rate at which your solar panels degrade may increase or decrease over time depending on external factors like weather and your solar panel service plan.

How Can I Improve The Life Expectancy Of Solar Panels?

It’s important to take care of your solar panel system, for your home or business. Like any other piece of equipment you use in the day-to-day grinds or even repair work on domestic appliances or commercial machinery – they all degrade over time with regular usage! But while there are ways this can happen, one method to help solar panels’ efficiency is  proper maintenance program. by identifying issues early before system errors and damage are too late to manage or beyond repair.

With a routine of care and attention, your solar panel system can generate electricity for years to come. We recommend these following tips.

To ensure solar panels work at the highest capacity, it’s important that they stay clean. Debris from things like pollen and bird droppings will affect their ability to absorb sunlight which means less production over the course of a year.

In the event of a system failure, be sure to hire professionals for monitoring and repairs. Trained technicians from trusted solar companies like Solar Tech Elec can quickly support with their experience in servicing solar panel equipment or replacing any non-working parts needed to get the system reinstated.

With Solar Tech Elec, you can rest assured that your system is in safe hands. The company offers real-time energy monitoring and fast support for any issue with comprehensive recommendations tailored to match your needs!

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