Solar panels are a great way to make your home more environmentally friendly while also adding value to your property. Solar energy is reliable and efficient, and it can meet all of your power needs.

When you’re planning a solar panel system for your home, the first thing you need to do is determine how many solar panels you’ll need. This will depend on factors like the size of your home and how much power you use on a daily basis. To learn more about Florida solar panels system for your specific needs, keep reading below.

How to Determine How Many Solar Panels You Need

The size of your home does NOT determine the number of solar panels you need as many people believe. In fact, most houses only require 20-25 solar panels in total. However, to know exactly how many will be needed to provide power for your specific home, there are a few factors you’ll want to take into account:

  • Energy usage: In order to have enough solar power to run the bigger usage appliances, you will need more solar panels if your home needs more energy.
  • The sunshine that you receive in your town/city: The number of solar panels you’ll need for your home depends on the amount of sunlight in your region. If you live somewhere with few hours of daylight, then you’ll require more panels to make up for it. For instance, people living in Florida have several hours of daylight making it an ideal place to install solar panels.
  • The wattage of a solar panel: The power output of every solar panel is unique and represented in a rating. This number demonstrates how much energy the specific solar panel can produce. The majority of panels today have a 320 watt rating. For typical residential 3/4 bedroom homes in Florida, Solar panels 320 watt ratings are fine.

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Determine the amount of solar panels required to power your home in Florida. Follow these steps below.

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You can use the steps below to determine how many solar panels you need for your home.

Step 1: Determine your average energy usage.

In order to approximate the average energy use of a property, divide the total amount of kilowatt-hours used in a year by 12. This will give you an estimate for the yearly average usage.

Step 2: Research how much electricity solar panels generate in your area.

After that, find out how much sunlight your location gets. The word for sun intensity is called “peak sun hours.” You can collect this data online.

Step 3: Find the solar system size that you need.

To find out what size solar system you need, divide your average energy usage by the peak sun hours in your area.

Step 4: Get a free estimate for the number of solar panels you need.

Determining the number of solar panels needed is easy! Just divide the wattage required for your system by the watts produced by your desired panels.

The last calculation will show you how many panels are required.

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