Would you like to have rooftop solar system installed? One of the first questions we should ask ourselves is “is my home good for Solar panels.

5 Things To Think About When Considering Rooftop Solar

1. What Is Your Roof Made Out Of?

The type of roof your home has can determine how much space you have for a rooftop solar system. Asphalt shingle roofs are typically used on residential properties and these provide suitable mounting surfaces, but other types may work better depending upon the material they’re made from; metal or tile-based clays could also prove useful if installed correctly, However, if your roof type is not suited to Solar panels, a ground mount system might be the better option instead.

2. Roof Direction And Shading

Find out the direction your roof faces and the roof pitch before installing solar panels. You can Install solar panels on all roof directions, but the important thing is to know how much sunlight the panels will receive. If your home doesn’t get enough hours of sun daily, then more powerful grade rooftop solar system cells are ideal for optimal efficiency.

The best roofs for solar panels face towards the south, as this is where they will receive the most sunlight. We recommend talking to an expert and one of our team is on hand to discuss the options with you. 

3. Got A Shaded Roof?

The Solar Tech Elec team uses satellite technology to quickly spot possible shading issues and offer solutions that can overcome causes.  We determine your property’s winter sunlight exposure potential so you can understand if there is enough for consistent power throughout the year, which in turn helps us recommend an appropriate solution that will work best for your home energy use and that’ll bring you the fastest return on investment.  

4. Consider The Age Of Your Roof

The last thing you want is for your new rooftop solar system to be installed on a roof that’s not fit for purpose. You need at least 15 years of Roof life span in order to avoid any future headaches or costs associated with replacing it later down the road, so make sure before committing yourself! Talk to one of our experts, we carry out roof inspections, offering free advice and recommendations.

5. How Much Roof Space Is Available?

Whether or not your roof has enough space will largely depend on how many solar panels you need to meet  your energy goals. After a free consultation, we’ll be able to tell what size system is suitable. Our engineers can work around any obstacles on the roof with a custom layout design perfect for your home energy needs.

Schedule an appointment with our expert team for free, today! Find out whether your home is a good fit for solar.

There are a lot of different factors to consider when looking at solar as an option to produce electricity. It’s important that you understand the pros and cons so don’t hesitate to ask us any questions! We want all our customers to feel confident in their decision, which is why we offer free consultations.

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