14kW Solar Installation in Island Estate, Clearwater, FL

14kW Solar Installation in Island Estate, Clearwater, FL

Check out this Home Solar Installation we completed in Clearwater, Florida.

System Size: 14.04KW
Roof type: Tile and Flat roof 

Panels: 39 x Silfab 360NX Watt
Inverter: Enphase IQ7+ Microinverters
Location: Clearwater, FL

Start to finish Ross and Solar Tech make the solar power change and process as smooth as possible. We were fairly new to the idea of using solar power but overall the savings with this type of energy is a no brainer. We were very pleased every step of the way and are already enjoying the benefits of solar power. Thanks so much to Ross, Celeste and Solar Tech for such a great product..”

 Eddie Mitchell Happy Customer

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