Palm Harbor Solar System surpasses expectations!

Palm Harbor Solar System surpasses expectations!

Our system has been running smoothly for nearly 2 months. Previously, my bill used to be $600 per month, but now I only pay a $30 connection fee. I can freely use my hot tub, AC, and pool heater without any concerns about my electric bill. It’s a huge relief knowing that my house is generating clean electricity to meet all my needs. I highly recommend Solar Tech Elec for residential solar. ‘ Mike Bartoletti ‘

System Size: 18.87KW
Roof type: Shingle Tile

Panels: 51 x Silfab Solar 370HC Watt
Inverter: Enphase IQ8+ Microinverters
Location: Palm Harbor, Florida

“We are simplifying the process for Palm Harbor, Florida¬†residents to go green with Solar Tech Elec, encouraging a shift towards a more environmentally-friendly, brighter, and sustainable energy future.”
Ross Dyson – Solar Tech Elec CEO
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