Solar rooftop installation in Niceville, Florida

Solar rooftop installation in Niceville, Florida

Mr Braget enjoys a higher quality of life by powering his family home with the best solar panels. This system installation means the property will no longer rely on buying electricity from the power company, and he can enjoy cheaper rates forever!

System Size: 8.64KW
Roof type: Shingle Tile

Panels: 24 x Silfab 360 Watt
Inverter: Enphase IQ7+ Microinverters
Location: Niceville, FL

These guys did a great job for me at a fair price. I had 284 KWHs of credit last month in my bill.
Start producing clean energy today with Solar Tech Elec.
Jeff Braget in Niceville.
18.24kW system install | Solar Tech Elec
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