How much money can you save with solar energy?

Solar energy remains the most talked about topic when discussing home improvements and energy efficiency. The big question is how much money can you save with Solar energy? The cost savings are pretty much compared against electric costs with your Utility provider, or the amount of money spent on power bills if you choose not to install solar panels for your home.

Electricity Cost

As for the cost of electricity, on a national average it increases by 3.5% to 6% every year. For example, if your average monthly power bill is $250 a month and the power company increases the cost by 3.5% every year, after 10 years you will have paid over $35,194 for electricity.

Here at Solar Tech Elec our experts are on hand to present you with the best and most affordable solar products for your home or business. 

Solar Evaluation

We recommend those thinking of going solar to book a free no-obligation appointment with us. This way we can draw up a proposal after we measure the cost savings on your home electricity usage by comparing solar costs versus your current supply and future spend with the power company.  

We’re happy to show homeowners how much money they can save with their own solar panel system during an In-house or virtual appointment. 

Low Interest Rate

With Solar Tech Elec you have the option to choose one of our low interest credit agreements. Furthermore, there’s zero down payment option available. Plus, Qualified customers can receive 26% federal tax credit as a rebate over a quarter of the value of the system purchase. Customers, are rest assured their solar rates will not increase, as we can lock them in with one of our finance plans. So, monthly repayments remain the same throughout your loan term. Unlike the unpredictable rates with the power company your new home solar pv system is reliable and ensures consistent energy output for your home living empowering you with energy independence.

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