As one of the leading solar installation companies in Florida, Solar Tech Elec, has once again, saved the day and brought smiles to Floridians and those victims of the Brevard Solar scam. This follows the sudden closure of Brevard Solar, which reportedly folded up, leaving a trail of more than 200 dissatisfied customers. 

Many of them, waiting on their solar installations and swindled out of thousands of dollars, have had no option but to look for a reliable alternative to clean up the mess left by Brevard Solar.  Solar Tech Elec took up the challenge. 

We are glad to be able to come to the rescue of these customers, whose only crime was taking out their hard-earned money for the installation of solar panels to provide electricity for their homes and cars. 

Clearly happy with our work, one of Brevard Solar’s victims, Steve, sent an email to the mailing list of BS victims. He stated:

 “Just to let the rest of the BS victims on this thread know, we used a different company (Solar Tech Elec LLC) and (they) completed our 37 panel solar system installation (with iQ7+ Enphase microinverters with monitoring) in just two days, and on the 3rd Pinellas County, passed our final inspection, without any magic, just with hard and professional work.

“The same day when the inspection was passed, Solar Tech Elec applied to Duke Energy on our behalf for a meter swap which will take about 10 days to review before they can do the swap. We highly recommend using this company if BS left you high and dry like they did with us.

Also, I originally contacted Wired Up and got a very good price, but after not receiving an answer on some questions, I looked around and found Solar Tech Elec LLC. I explained that I am one of the 200+ BS victims and Ross, the owner of the company was very understanding and offered to finish the solar system that had only the rails on the roof for an even better price than Wired Up, and they only asked for payment after the final inspection. They were really professional and helped us through this tough situation and we couldn’t recommend them more.

When Duke connects us to the grid, we will update you with more info. 



Like Steve, Solar Tech Elec has been lending a professional hand to BS victims who have been left stranded, helping them get the best results at the more competitive rates. Solar Tech Elec has particularly been known to be one of the best and most trusted solar installation companies around, with a large pool of satisfied customers to show for it.

Solar Tech Elec’s fast response to the needs of the BS victims follows a long-standing dedication to provide premium, reliable, and trusted services to both commercial and residential clients. 

Want to be happy like Steve? Then speak directly with the owner, Ross Dyson, at 727-488-8634 or call the office manager, Celeste, at 727-657-8798 for the best solar panel installation you’ll ever get in the Pinellas County and beyond.