If you needed another reason to want solar panels, installing them in winter has several benefits! You may not have realized it, but here are a few reasons why below.

Save money on solar during the off-peak season

Homeowners in Florida can save money by getting solar panels and installation done during winter when demand for solar energy is lower. You’re likely to get better deals from your solar installer too as they’re more open to negotiation at this time of year since installations are less frequent then.

The solar installation industry usually has shorter waiting times for customers

Because of the lower demand for solar installations during the winter, homeowners who decide to install panels then won’t have to wait as long for an installer. The turnaround time is expected to be quicker since installers are not always fully booked during this season.

On the other hand, Solar installations peak in summer due to greater demand; So those intending to get solar installed might have a longer wait time for delivery.

Avoid the ques

Numerous customers have told us in the past that they chose Solar Tech Elec company over others because we were available during the winter months when most other, bigger companies have longer wait times to book jobs.

In addition, a homeowner can use the winter season to their advantage when utility companies are processing fewer applications for solar panel installations and joining the national grid.

Solar systems produce electricity all year round, even in the cooler months

Even though your solar panels will produce less electricity in the winter because of the shorter days, it is still a noticeable amount. The system will be up and running by the time peak season arrives so that you can get the most out of your investment.

There are numerous benefits to installing solar panels in Florida.

The benefits of winter solar panel installation in Florida are numerous and include:

  • Take full advantage of the solar tax credit ‘30% rebate of your solar system purchase
  • We promise that your monthly bills will immediately decrease after working with us
  • Solar panel systems not only offset energy costs, but also increase the value of your Florida home or business.
  • Solar energy is a renewable and plentiful resource. With a battery storage system, you can have light even during power outages.

Solar Panels in Florida during the winter

You may have initially wanted to go solar in the summer. However, winter is actually a great time of year to go solar! You’ll experience shorter installation times, and increased efficiency, and your home will be ready when spring arrives and the days are longer.

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