Perhaps you’re asking yourself, will solar panels void my roof warranty? Your roof is an important component of your home and can be quite costly to replace. It is therefore crucial that you understand the warranty on your roof before you consider installing solar panels. Here is some information to help you understand if your solar panels will void your roof warranty.

Roof Warranty

Your roof will generally have two parts.

  • Installer warranty
  • Material warranty

The warranty for the roof installation covers the workmanship. Although warranties can vary in length, a standard 10-year warranty is used.

The manufacturer of the roofing product, such as shingles, tiles, or other roofing products, will provide a materials warranty. The warranty can vary depending on the material your roof is made of.

Incorrect installation can cause failures. However, the installer’s warranty covers them. Manufacturer defects are covered only if the product is installed as per the manufacturer’s instructions.

Racking Systems

You will find two types of solar panel rack systems for residential homes.

The racking system attaches to pitched roofed homes with bolts or screws that penetrate into the roof. For flat roofs, the ballasted racking system uses weights rather than fasteners to hold the solar system in place.

High-quality racking systems have the footing, which is the part that touches the roof and requires bolts or screws to attach, protected by metal flashing and waterproofing.

It can happen that solar installations go wrong and your roof may end up with leaks. However, if your solar system is installed correctly, it shouldn’t affect the warranty of your roof.

Check Before You Start

Before you start the solar installation process, make sure to check with your installer if your roof still has a warranty. The solar installer will inform you about your roof warranty and whether the solar installation will void it. They can also advise you on how to avoid the warranty being voided by the manufacturer.

Your roofer will need to know the materials that will be used to waterproof your roof after penetration, and whether the roof structure can support the extra weight of solar panels and their rack system.

Don’t Void Your Warranty

When investing in a solar system, it is important to select a professional and reliable company to work with. Solar installations will not void your roof warranty, but there is one warning. The solar installer must have done the job correctly.

Your roof warranty can be voided if:

  • The roof was damaged during installation, such as tiles cracked or the roofing membrane compromised
  • To attach your roof’s footings, incorrect fasteners were used
  • Low-quality rack systems were used
  • There were no waterproofing devices
  • The incorrect installation of the racking system occurred

These mistakes and others could cause roof damage or leakage that can be costly, and even lead to major financial losses in the future.

Do an Annual Check After Installation

Inspect your roof at least once per year. You can identify water stains and water damage by inspecting your roof.

You should immediately contact the company that installed your roof if you find any leaks or other issues. The installer warranty should cover the cost of the repair.

Roof Considerations Before Installing Solar

Properly installed solar systems won’t cause damage to your roof or void your warranty. In fact, solar panels can protect your roof from the sun and other elements.

Before going solar, here are some things to consider:

  • Find out how old your roof really is. Know what warranty your roof as if it’s still under warranty
  • Consider delaying installing solar panels if your roof is more than 10 years old until you have the opportunity to replace it
  • Learn about the warranty of your solar installer
  • Select a company that is licensed and reliable

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